Business Networking

Business Networking Alliance/BizNet

Phone: (626) 793-7118
Contact: Tony Buschauer

Business Networking Alliance (BizNet) continues to be one of the most sought after professional networking memberships in the Greater Pasadena Area. The association maintains a core membership of 25 to 30 people. Through active mutual marketing and referrals, our members often realize significant increases in their businesses.

Business Networking Alliance represents a cross-section of the business community in the Greater Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas. Each member represents a specific industry and no conflict of interest is allowed. The purpose of the Business Networking Alliance is to promote business growth for each member's business through mutual support, quality networking, and qualified business referrals in a spirit of fairness and integrity.

Small Business Networking Group, Inc. dba Professional Referral Organization (PRO)

Phone: (213) 952-3060
Contact: Greg Shields

Business Networking Group--Various, including Attorneys, CPA, Electrician, Lenders, Insurance, Financial Planner, Dentist, Security Alarms, etc.

What's My Why LLC

Phone: (917) 361-3408
Contact: Carla Lynx

What’s My Why – A company specializing in data management consulting, offering expertise in process management, data strategy, data governance, digital transformation, and analytics. We address your data challenges and support underrepresented young adults. Our mission-driven model combines seasoned consultants and young individuals from diverse backgrounds in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) fields.

Providing real work experiences, competitive salaries, targeted training, and mentoring, we empower students to work while studying. Our focus is on helping students bridge the gap between academia and real-world opportunities. Through complex projects and strong relationships, we help clients and staff discover their purpose.