Non-Profit Homeless Services

Door of Hope

Phone: (626) 304-9130
Fax Number: (626) 304-9125
Contact: Melissa Yee

Door of Hope's long-term vision has always been to, "Equip Homeless Families to Rebuild Their Lives." From the start of Door of Hope through to its future growth and expansion, this guiding principle will continue to be an ever present, foundational attribute as Door of Hope looks to take families from Homelessness, to Self-Sufficiency, to Permanent Housing.

Friends in Deed

Phone: (626) 797-2402
Contact: Rabbi Joshua Grater

Friends In Deed is an interfaith collaborative that is dedicated to alleviate the effects of poverty and encourage self-sufficiency through the collective efforts of congregations, volunteers, and community organizations. Through mutual support, we strive to provide a safe space for all of our clients, one where they are listened to, encouraged, and respected, in order to promote self-worth and dignity.

Union Station Homeless Services

Phone: (626) 240-4550
Fax Number: (626) 798-2397
Contact: Anne Miskey

Union Station Homeless Services is the largest provider of services to people experiencing homelessness in the San Gabriel Valley. Its staff work with adults and families to provide outreach, shelter, housing, employment, and ongoing supportive services to help people find housing and stay housed for good.