Update on Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic for 3-24-2020 - and information, advice-let's help one another

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Support your fellow Pasadena Chamber members. Below is information on restaurant members. Please get take-out, buy gift cards, do what you are able to help them stay open and in business. Likewise, many of your fellow Chamber members are reeling from closures, stay at home orders, lack (or complete loss) of business.

Please keep them in mind when you are making purchasing decisions. You can find a complete list of Chamber members with links to websites and more by clicking here.

1. Make sure your website tells customers if you are open, has your hours of operation and what you are offering on your main page. You do not want to lose customers because your website isn't up to date.
2. Do the same for your social media platforms.
3. Do this immediately
4. Email out to your existing customers (if you keep an email list) and tell them what you are doing.
5. Be creative
6. Use social media to reach new customers (and update your existing ones. Tag #shoppasadena and @pasadena_chamberofcommerce so we can help spread the word, too.
6. If you run into any problems with City of Pasadena or Country of LA offices, let me know immediately so I can try to intervene.
7. Share your ideas. We are all in this together and what you are doing to stay in business may help others do the same.
8. Keep me updated. Add me to your email blast list, tag us on social media. We will share what we know, but can';t share what we don't know.
9. Let the City Council, Pasadena City Government and others know how you are doing and what you need. Click here to send an email to the city. If you can't do this right way,  do it later. It is important the city leadership know what you are going through and that you need help.
10. FINALLY - Be well and be safe.

If you need immediate financial assistance:
Currently, there are negotiations in the US Senate to fund economic relief efforts, including assistance for businesses and employees. I do not know how long (or short) the negotiations will take as Senate Democrats negotiate directly with Steve Mnuchin and Trump administration officials on a final package.

If you believe you will need financial assistance, please apply for an SBA Disaster Loan. (Applying does not mean you have to accept the loan.) Should direct relief be available in the near future, that will likely be a better option for your business' ongoing sustainability, but, if need be, the loan could be available.

You can apply here: https://disasterloan.sba.gov/

Also, the City of Pasadena and other utility providers are forgoing penalties and interest charges on late payments. If you can't pay right now, defer, but let your provider know you are doing that, and why.

And, please discuss your situation with your landlord. They may be willing to negotiate terms so that you can stay in business once this catastrophe has passes.

And, call us if you need anything (and to let us know how you're doing)... 626-795-3355 or email paul@pasadena-chamber.org.

Justin Tsui, Pasadena Chamber Board Chair and owner of TeamLogicIT of Pasadena put together a quick resource guide for his clients and asked to share it with Chamber members:
As many of us are working from home these days. I feel there may be a need for Pasadena specific information. So here’s my effort trying to compile one. Inevitably it will be missing key information. Please email me if you think anything should be added to this list.
Pasadena Restaurant Food Delivery – Many of them are Chamber members. Please support by considering ordering delivery at least once a week.
Doordash - https://www.doordash.com/food-delivery/pasadena-ca-restaurants/
Postmates - https://postmates.com/delivery/pasadena-ca
Uber Eats - https://www.ubereats.com/location/pasadena-california
Many restaurants offer their own delivery, as well. Contact them directly, it could save you some $$$. 
For Information of COVID-19
City of Pasadena - https://www.cityofpasadena.net/public-health/news-announcements/information-on-covid-19/
Huntington Hospital - https://www.huntingtonhospital.org/our-services/emergency-trauma/hospital-preparedness-covid-19-information/
Kaiser Permanente - https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/health-wellness/coronavirus-information
LA Public Health Home Care Instructions - http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/acd/docs/COVHomeCare.pdf
For local news
Pasadena Star News - https://www.pasadenastarnews.com/
Pasadena Now - http://www.pasadenanow.com/main/
Pasadena Media - Stay tuned to their channels (Charter Spectrum 3, 32, 95, 96 and AT&T U-verse 99)
Important Local Phone Numbers
Pasadena Public Health Department 626-744-6000
Exer Urgent Care  626-270-2400
HealthCare Partners Urgent Care 626-795-2244
CHAPCARE  - 626-398-6300 or https://www.chapcare.org/make-an-appointment/
Looking for additional information or register for COVID-19 testing: https://corona-virus.la/

Here is the latest information available.

We’re tracking Congress’s response to COVID-19, the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Below you’ll find information on legislative actions and 42 Members of Congress who are or have been quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or came in contact with someone with COVID-19.

Legislative Actions (yes, we're borrowing the info from other sources)

H.R. 6074: Coronavirus Preparedness and Response Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2020 — Enacted March 4, 2020. Provided $8.3 billion in emergency funding for federal agencies to respond to the coronavirus outbreak related to developing a vaccine, medical supplies, grants for public health agencies, small business loans, and assistance for health systems in other countries. Allowed for temporarily waiving Medicare restrictions and requirements regarding telehealth services.

H.R. 6201: Families First Coronavirus Response Act — Enacted March 18, 2020. Guaranteed free coronavirus testing, established paid leave, enhanced unemployment insurance, expanded food security initiatives, and increased federal Medicaid funding.

coronavirus.skoposlabs.com — Other legislative activities and federal regulations tracked by Skopos Labs

Policy analysis: CRS reports related to COVID-19 (everycrsreport.com), Oversight & Policy Resources (POGO)

Affected Legislators

In all, 42 representatives and senators are or have self-quarantined or took other action, or no action, after coming in contact with someone with COVID-19 or testing positive for COVID-19 themselves.

In the Senate, out of 53 Republicans, 4 are currently self-quarantined, leaving 49; out of 47 Democrats (and independents that caucus with them), 0 are currently self-quarantined, leaving 47. In the House, out of 232 Democrats, 14 are currently self-quarantined, leaving 218; out of 199 Republicans, 5 are currently self-quarantined, leaving 194; out of 1 Independent, 0 are currently self-quarantined, leaving 1.

It has also been reported that playwright Terrance McNally has died of complications from Coronavirus at age 81.

Pasadena confirmed three more cases of Novel Coronavirus. As of this morning, there have been six confirmed cases here. 

Predictions are that we will see a significant increase in cases in the next week or so.

Of the coronavirus cases in LA county, 42% are in people aged 18-40, while 39% involve people aged 41-65. As of Monday, more than 5,700 people have been tested in the county, with about 10% coming back positive.

Some things to do:

We're all working from home and looking for things to do to keep ourselves (and our families) safe and happy.

Your fellow Chamber members have some ideas to help you (and your friends and family) pass the time.
Here's a little bit of fun my daughter and her boyfriend put together while working from home (copyrights infringed, yes):

At Home with The Huntington:  The Huntington's gates may be closed as they still do our part to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, by flinging our virtual gates open wide and inviting you in to EXPLORE, LEARN, LISTEN, and feed your desire for knowledge and beauty. Check out our just-launched podcast series, The Collections, entertain the kids with paper doll Fanny Gray, a paper doll from the 19th century Jay T. Last Collection, who came complete with a poetic booklet detailing the “history of her life.” Print, grab the scissors - and create your own stories about Fanny's life. Print now Need a backdrop for Fanny Gray? Find this Victorian interior and other children's art activities from the past in the digitized Korzenik Collection. Discover more or Spring is in full swing in the gardens, just waiting for our visitors to return! But don't take our word for it, see for yourself with our bloom-filled Botanical Collection Tours and enjoy a lovely zen moment - while learning about some fascinating plants - without leaving your home!

Need groceries? Bistro 45 can help with fine meats and (soon) seafood:
Through a partnership with our premium fish and meat purveyors ~ as of Wednesday, March 25th, your Bistro will begin our new Bistro Butcher Shoppe with our Premium Fish Source to follow.  All things organic, sustainable and at the highest level of integrity and flavor have been our hallmarks for three decades.  Know that when you choose to buy from us that you are getting the very best in each item. 
Butcher Shoppe Curbside Pick Up

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Rocky Split Half Chicken (1.5 lbs) $9.99
Maple Leaf Duck Breast, two breast package
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Australian Lamb Rack (double portion) $59.00
Niman Ranch Pork Chop (12 oz.) $15.00
Creekstone Filet "Chateau" Cut (8 oz.) $20.99
Creekstone Ribeye (12 oz) $22.50
Creekstone Hanger Steak (2 x 8 oz.) $26
All packages cryovac sealed

No Lines to Wait In Simply phone us or email your order (not later than 1:00 PM on the day previous to your pick up) with credit card number and date and time you would like to pick up. simon-robert@att.net or (626)795-2478

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Mindfulness at home with Saybrook University
You are invited to join Saybrook University’s Mind and Body Medicine department’s daily mindfulness meditation.  Now that we all have to “Stay Safe at Home”, it can be lonesome and challenging. A daily meditation can help keep our mind  centered and healthy in such trying times.  The event starts at 9:15 am PDT for 15 minutes. Go to: https://www.gotomeet.me/LuannFortune/mindfulness-meditation-moments OR dial in using your phone: 1 866 899 4679 | Access Code: 195-157-605

Jericho Road Pasadena is great at matching volunteers with community needs.

Jerico Road will partner voluntters with current needs in the community, Here are ways our volunteers can help:

  • Make calls to seniors: We are working with several senior-serving organizations to make a list of people to call. The call would go through an app so that the Pasadena Senior Center shows up as the caller ID; this also means you could call from anywhere in the US. We will provide a script and FAQs to volunteers.

  • Deliver supplies to seniors: We will probably get a list of one-time or on-going deliveries to make and set up a schedule for volunteers more details to follow.

  • Provide tech support. Although many services are available online, some seniors are struggling to set up video calls, food delivery, and online classes.

If you are able to help with any of these services, please email Melanie with your available time and which need you're able to help with.

This was sent to 3000+ Pasadena Restaurant Week email blast subscribers.
It's Take Out Day - support our restaurants and order food to pick-up or have delivered

We have seen our first permanent restaurant closure in Pasadena during the Coronavirus pandemic. Help that be the last

Our restaurants need your help now. Please do what you can to keep them open and in business.

Today has been declared TAKE OUT DAY (though it seems to me every day is take out day for some of us).

Call any local restaurant and order dinner or lunch. get coffee from your favorite place. (Most are open and incredibly clean for pick up or take away orders.)

Here is a list of Pasadena Chamber member restaurants that are continuing to operate with delivery or take out service. (Ask, they may also be providing produce and more at cost as a service to their customers.)

Let's all do our best to keep our restaurants open. (Please use social media and let us know where you are getting your food. #shoppasadena @pasadena_chamberofcommerce @pasadena_restaurant_week

Please be safe and be well. We can all get through this together.

Restaurant list (please call or check the website to be sure they are still open.)

Alexander's Steakhouse

Phone: (626) 486-1111
Fax Number: (626) 486-1115

All India Cafe

Phone: (626) 440-0309
Fax Number: (626) 844-6507



Arroyo Chop House

Phone: (626) 577-7463

Baja Fresh

Phone: (626) 351-2033

Barney's Beanery

Phone: (626) 405-9777
Fax Number: (626) 405-1957



Bistro 45

Phone: (626) 795-2478

Bone Kettle

Phone: (626) 795-5702

Cabrera's Mexican Cuisine

Phone: (626) 795-0230
Fax Number: (626) 795-4466

California Pizza Kitchen

Phone: (626) 585-9020
Fax Number: (626) 585-0993

Chaaste Family Market



Phone: (626) 793-7636
Fax Number: (626) 793-7616


Choza 96

Phone: (626) 432-4692
Fax Number: (626) 432-4695

Cindy's Restaurant

Phone: (323) 257-7375

Clearman's Galley, aka The Boat

Phone: (626) 286-3075

Clearman's North Woods Inn

Phone: (626) 286-3579
Fax Number: (626) 286-7975

Coffee + Plants, LLC

Phone: (646) 623-6540

Colombo's Italian Steakhouse & Jazz Club

Phone: (323) 254-9138
Fax Number: (323) 254-5617

The Counter

Phone: (626) 440-1008

Crack Shack Pasadena

Phone: (424) 901-0077

est reason to cross the road. We can't wait to meet you! 

Dan Modern Chinese

Phone: (626) 817-9799

Dave & Buster's

Phone: (626) 802-6115
Fax Number: (626) 802-6035

Dog Haus

Phone: (626) 577-4287
Fax Number: (626) 577-4289

Dog Haus Biergarten

Phone: (626) 683-0808
Fax Number: (626) 683-0808

Domino's Pizza-Arroyo Parkway

Phone: (626) 548-1976

Domino's Pizza-Colorado Blvd.

Phone: (626) 281-5200
Fax Number: (626) 281-5201

Domino's Pizza-Los Robles

Phone: (626) 791-9285

Domino's Pizza-Washington Blvd.

Phone: (626) 794-3030

Edwin Mills by Equator

Phone: (626) 564-8656

El Cholo Restaurant

Phone: (626) 795-5800
Fax Number: (626) 795-1210

El Cholo Restaurant

Phone: (626) 795-5800
Fax Number: (626) 795-1210

El Portal Restaurant

Phone: (626) 795-8553
Fax Number: (626) 795-2860

Entre Nous

Phone: (626) 844-4500

Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar

Phone: (626) 639-0490


Phone: (626) 449-2337
Website: foothill.co

Fox's Restaurant

Phone: (626) 797-9430


Phone: (818) 981-1171

Green Street Restaurant

Phone: (626) 577-7170
Fax Number: (626) 792-5020

Green Street Tavern

Phone: (626) 319-8451

The Hat

Phone: (626) 449-1844



Il Fornaio

Phone: (626) 683-9797
Fax Number: (626) 683-0789

Kathleen's Restaurant

Phone: (626) 578-0722
Fax Number: (626) 578-0059

Kings Row Gastropub

Phone: (626) 793-3010
Fax Number: (626) 793-3242

Kona Ice Central Pasadena

Phone: (626) 269-9449

La Grande Orange Cafe

Phone: (626) 356-4444
Fax Number: (626) 356-3111

La Tea Da

Phone: (818) 495-5526

Lavender & Honey Espresso Bar

Phone: (626) 529-5571


Levy at Brookside Golf Club and Rose Bowl

Phone: (626) 577-4497
Contact: Samantha Ulloa

Lucky Baldwins Delirium Pub and Cafe

Phone: (626) 355-1140

Lucky Baldwins Pub

Phone: (626) 795-0652
Fax Number: (626) 795-9358

Lucky Baldwins Trappiste Pub and Cafe

Phone: (626) 844-0447
Fax Number: (626) 844-7428

Madeline Garden Bistro & Venue

Phone: (626) 795-5599


Phone: (626) 449-4193
Fax Number: (626) 449-0717

Maria's Italian Kitchen

Phone: (626) 351-2080

Mijares Mexican Restaurant

Phone: (626) 792-2763
Fax Number: (626) 792-4132

New School of Cooking

Phone: (844) 895-4224


Nothing Bundt Cakes

Phone: (626) 792-8200


Osawa Shabu Shabu & Sushi

Phone: (626) 683-1150
Fax Number: (626) 304-2718


Panda Restaurant Group

Phone: (626) 799-9898

Parkway Grill

Phone: (626) 795-1001

Pasadena Sandwich Company

Phone: (626) 578-1616

Paul Martin's American Grill

Phone: (626) 773-7600

Pie'N Burger

Phone: (626) 795-1123
Fax Number: (626) 795-2463

President Thai Restaurant

Phone: (626) 578-9814
Fax Number: (626) 578-9684

Raffi's Catering and Banquet

Phone: (626) 351-0900

Raymond 1886, The

Phone: (626) 441-3136
Fax Number: (626) 441-4770

Roscoe's House of Chicken n' Waffles

Phone: (626) 791-4890
Fax Number: (626) 791-7143



Ruth's Chris Steak House

Phone: (626) 583-8122
Fax Number: (626) 583-8126

Shiro Restuarant

Phone: (626) 799-4774
Fax Number: (626) 799-9560

Slater's 50/50

Phone: (626) 765-9700
Contact: Ted Cutting

Smith Brothers Restaurant Corporation

Phone: (626) 577-2400
Fax Number: (626) 577-8330

Smitty's Grill

Phone: (626) 792-9999

SORRISO-Bar Celona

Phone: (626) 405-1000
Fax Number: (626) 844-9006

Stonefire Grill

Phone: (626) 921-1255
Fax Number: (818) 338-8757

Sushi Roku Pasadena

Phone: (626) 683-3000
Fax Number: (626) 683-7400

Terrace at The Langham

Phone: (626) 568-3900

The Canyon at The Rose

Phone: (888) 645-5006

The Great Maple

Phone: (626) 714-7625

The Kitchen for Exploring Foods

Phone: (626) 793-7218

The Pan

Phone: (626) 469-0099
Website: thepan1.com

The Stand

Phone: (626) 714-7117

True Food Kitchen

Phone: (626) 639-6818

Umami Burger Pasadena

Phone: (626) 799-8626
Fax Number: (323) 782-8202

Urth Caffe

Phone: (626) 844-4644
Fax Number: (626) 844-4647
Contact: Thomas D. Murray


White Horse Bar Lounge

Phone: (626) 583-9013