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Join us in providing meals to critical care staff at Huntington Hospital, urgent care workers and first responders. Food for First Responders buys take out food for Huntington's personnel working in the COVID-19 units helping those stricken with Coronavirus. We deliver food to first respnders and those staffing Exer Urgent Care in East Pasadena. (They handle all the non-life-threatening emergency cases that Huntington cannot accept during the pandemic.) Put a smile on a critical care workers face. Let them know how much we appreciate their work and sacrifice (and risk). Click here to donate or mail a check to Pasadena Chamebr of Commerce Foundation, 44 North mentor Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91106. 100% of funds colelected will feed critical care personnel at Huntington, urgent care workers are Exer and First Responders. Donations are tax deductible.

The Small Business Administration (SBA), in consultation with the Department of the Treasury, released the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loan Forgiveness Application and detailed instructions for the application.

The form and instructions inform borrowers how to apply for forgiveness of their PPP loans, consistent with the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act).  SBA will also soon issue regulations and guidance to further assist borrowers as they complete their applications, and to provide lenders with guidance on their responsibilities.

Click here to view the application and instructions.

The Los Angeles County Department of Health extended the Safer at Home orders through August, 2020. Those in public are required to wear face protection. Rules and regulations regarding business openings and proper operating protocols are evolving. For now, the LA County Ecom=nomic Recovery Task Forse is reommended modified openings for all businesses after July 4, 2020. I am on the Small Business Recovery Working Group and will report any progess toward opening as I learn more.

The City of Pasadena issues a weekly business update. You can access that here.

Local resources you may need (and can support local businesses as you do):
Please follow the guidelines and maintain social distancing. If at all possible, when you are in public and could interact with anyone at all, please wear a mask. You can make your own. (Click here for a 'how-to') or purchase a mask through one of these links:

Face protection can be purchased through Pasadena Chamber member Beck and Call. Click here to email for info. They can create branded PPE equipment for you and your business.

Pasadena Chamber member Stark Spirits distillery retooled to manufacture approved sanitizer. You can find all the details here to get your cleaning and sanitizing products locally.

Latest news and information:

Yesterday, following state and county actions, Pasadena's Public Health Officer released updated information on the Safer at Home regulations.

Quoting from the revised order:

1. This Order allows for limited reopening of certain businesses and activities and is consistent with the current Order of the State Health Officer. This Order amends, supplements, and, supersedes to the extent consistent with this Order, the March 22, 2020 Revised Safer at Home Order, as supplemented April 11 and May 15, 2020.

2. This Order’s intent is to continue to ensure that City residents remain in their residences as much as practicable, to limit close contact with others outside their households in both indoor and outdoor spaces. All persons who can telework or work from home should continue to do so as much as possible during this pandemic. Nothing in this Order prohibits members of a single household from engaging in activities together, but gatherings of people who are not part of a single household or living unit are prohibited within the City of Pasadena Public Health Jurisdiction, except for the limited purposes expressly permitted by this Order.

3. People leaving their residences as permitted by this Order must strictly comply with physical distancing measures, including: maintaining six feet or more of distance between individuals from different households, frequently washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, and wearing a cloth face covering whenever there is or can be contact with others who are non-household members in both public and private places for the purposes of source control.

Violation of or failure to comply with this Revised Order is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. (California Health and Safety Code §120295.)

4. Effective immediately, on May 26, 2020, and continuing until further notice, the Health Officer orders all persons to comply with this Order as follows:

     A. In-person religious gatherings may be held, subject to first (before reopening) implementing protocols as set forth in the Industry Guidance referenced below.
     i. Such gatherings shall obey the directives of the State Public Health Officer, which includes, but is not limited to (a) the Stay Home Q&A ( and (b) COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Places of Worship and Providers of Religious Services and Cultural Ceremonies. (

     B. All retail stores may re-open for in-store shopping, subject to first (before reopening) implementing protocols as set forth in the Industry Guidance referenced below.

     i. Such retail stores shall obey the directives of the State Public Health Officer, which includes, but is not limited to (a) the Stay Home Q&A (; and (b) COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Retail (

     ii. “Retail” does not include personal services such as hair salons, nail salons, and barbershops.

     C. Participating in a Car Line Celebration. The host of the Car Line Celebration must comply with all local ordinances, traffic control requirements, and state and local laws. Further, the host and participants of a Car Line Celebration must comply with the City of Pasadena Public Health Car Line Celebration Protocol

      D. All office-based businesses may re-open (although telework remains strongly encouraged), subject to first (before reopening) implementing protocols as set forth in the Industry Guidance referenced below.

           i. Such businesses shall obey the directives of the State Public Health Officer, which includes, but is not limited to (a) the Stay Home Q&A (; and (b) COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Office Workspaces (

Who can be open:
Essential services that protect public health, public safety, and provide essential needs will remain open, such as:

  • Gas stations 
  • Pharmacies
  • Food: Grocery stores, farmers markets, food banks, convenience stores, take-out and delivery restaurants 
  • Banks 
  • Laundromats/laundry services 
  • Essential state and local government functions will also remain open, including law enforcement and offices that provide government programs and services.

Businesses in a number of other sectors can now also open, with necessary modifications.

Retailers can open statewide. All will require modifications to support social distancing. This includes:

  • Shopping malls
  • Bookstores
  • Jewelry stores
  • Toy stores
  • Clothing and shoe stores
  • Home and furnishing stores
  • Sporting goods stores
  • Florists

Offices (in all sectors, not only critical infrastructure)

Limited services which do not generally require close customer contact, such as: 

  • Libraries (for delivery and curbside pickup)
  • Drive-in theaters (with modifications)
  • Pet grooming
  • Dog walking
  • Car washes
  • Appliance repair
  • Residential and janitorial cleaning
  • Places of worship (with modifications)
  • Plumbing

What do you have to do to follow the revised safety orders?

Every business permitted to open should take every step humanly possible to reduce the risk of infection by following these state guidelines.

Before reopening, all facilities must:

  1. Perform a detailed risk assessment and implement a site-specific protection plan
  2. Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them
  3. Implement individual control measures and screenings
  4. Implement disinfecting protocols
  5. Implement physical distancing guidelines

Key prevention practices include:
✓ physical distancing to the maximum extent possible,
✓ use of face coverings by employees (where respiratory protection is not required) and customers/clients,
✓ frequent handwashing and regular cleaning and disinfection,
✓ training employees on these and other elements of the COVID-19 prevention plan.

You can access the complete guidelines for retailers here.

It is critical that employees needing to self-isolate because of COVID-19 are encouraged to stay at home, with sick leave policies to support that, to prevent further infection in your workplace. See additional information on government programs supporting sick leave and worker’s compensation for COVID-19.

COVID-19 Coronavirus has devastated our communities. In an effort to provide information and assistance, the Pasadena Chamber is listing resurces and assistance available for businesses and individuals.

Please follow the guidelines and maintain social distancing. if at all possible, when you are in public and could interact with anyone at all, please wear a mask. You can make your own. (Click here for a 'how-to') or purchase a mask through one of these links: Chamber member has protective masks for sale that meet FDA standards.

Other face protection can be purchased through Pasadena Chamber member Beck and Call. Click here to email for info.

Pasadena Chamber member Stark Spirits distillery retooled to manufacture approved sanitizer. You can find all the details here. 

As of Sunday, May 24th, the world has seen 5,260, 624 cases of Covid-19 with 339,949 deaths. In the US we have seen 1,611,691 cases with 96,479 deaths. In California, we have experienced 93, 327 cases with 3,727 deaths. LA County has seen 44,055 cases with 2, 090 fatalities. In Pasadena we have had 79 fatalities with 790 cases. The vast majority of infections in Pasadena occurred in senior living or senior care facilities.

The City of Pasadena Public Health Director, Dr. Goh, had requested a waiver from the State of California to have Pasadena reopen on a different schedule from LA County but was denied.

From the New York Times: As of Wednesday, every state in the nation had at least started reopening parts of their economies that had been shut down in order to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. In California, that process — complex, though it’s been — has been accelerating, with at least 36 of the state’s 58 counties filing documents saying they’re ready to allow dine-in restaurants and a host of other kinds of businesses to reopen, with modifications. And while some states are continuing to see cases rise, the data in California is promising. Still, officials here have cautioned repeatedly: Don’t assume we’re out of the woods yet.

The City of Pasadena is developing guidelines for reopening and considering reopening protocols for businesses. The City of Pasadena is providing weekly updates to business about status, protocols, opening schedules and more. Here is a link to the latest report:

The Pasadena Chamber and others have been working with City staff on reopening protocols and allowances that will enable busineses to open more successfully. Here is what we think City of Pasadena can do:

1. Allow retailers and restaurants to expand into the public realm by right to allow service on adjacent sidewalks, streets and parking lots, including alcohol service in conjunction with food with no additional permits, inspections or costs. Do this throughout Pasadena. Do this indefinitely.
2. Allow restaurants expedited CUP processes for alcohol service with staff approvals, minimal costs and no hearings.
3. Allow for expedited reopening-related approvals-over the phone and online will suffice. Do not charge for any approval, inspection or permit related to reopening.
4. Enact a moratorium on the expiration of any and all CUPs related to business closures. Extend pending applications indefinitely.
5. Allow for expedited tenant improvement permits during business closures.
6. Encourage all City employees to patronize Pasadena businesses through weekly emails to all. They can buy gift cards, order take-out, order online from local stores. Your employees should do everything they can right now to support our local small businesses and tax base.
7. City must restructure all procurement to aggressively support local Pasadena businesses.
8. City must not do anything to add costs to local businesses under any circumstances.

You can provide input to the City of Pasadena by clicking here and emailing your ideas and concerns:

The Chamber has also been advocating with the City Council to put $1 million toward seed funding for the Pasadena Storefront Small Business Relief Fund, a cooperative effort with the Pasadena Community Foundation and the Chamber to provide up to $10,000 grants to locally owned small businesses throughout the City. So far, the Council referred the item to the Economic Development and Technology Committee which referred it to Economic Development Department staff for input. The committee is expected to see the report in two to three weeks. While Sierra Madre, Arcadia and others have identified funding for similar grant programs in smaller amount, the City has been reluctant to invest to keep locally owned small businesses operating once the pandemic has passed.    

The Pasadena City Council approved an expenditure of $600,000 for the Great Plates Delivered program here in Pasadena. (They expect to be reimbursed by FEMA.) The Great Plates Delivered program is designed to support adults 65 and older and adults 60-64 who are at high risk from COVID-19, in staying home and staying healthy by delivering three (3) nutritious meals a day, and also provide essential economic stimulus to local businesses and workers. The City of Pasadena is now accepting inquiries from seniors interested in participating in the Great Plates Delivered program, and from restaurants interested in providing meals. Interested restaurants and caterers? You can sign up here:

Unemployment data: The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Los Angeles County increased over the month to 19.6 percent in April 2020, from a revised 6.7 percent in March 2020, and was above the rate of 4.5 one year ago. Civilian employment decreased by 822,000 to 3,824,000 in April 2020, while unemployment increased by 595,000 to 931,000 over the month. The civilian labor force decreased by 227,000 over the month to 4,755,000 in April 2020. (All of the above figures are seasonally adjusted.) The unadjusted unemployment rate for the county was 20.3 percent in April 2020. The California seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 15.5 percent in April 2020, 5.5 percent in March 2020, and 4.2 percent a year ago in April 2019. The comparable estimates for the nation were 14.7 percent in April 2020, 4.4 percent in March 2020, and 3.6 percent a year ago. Between March 2020 and April 2020, total nonfarm employment in Los Angeles County decreased by 685,000 to 3,884,400

Incident Report: The LA County daily report is a high level summary of L.A. County Emergency Operations Center's response to the COVID-19 health emergency. Click here to view.

The County of Los Angeles appreciates your continued partnership in responding to COVID-19 questions and needs of residents. For additional information, please visit: 1. County of Los Angeles: 2. County of Los Angeles Public Health: 3. California Department of Public Health: 4. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: 5. Los Angeles County residents can also call 2-1-1

Ready To Say "I Do"? LA County Has Just The Thing For You. If you're ready to walk down the aisle - wait no more! LA County's Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk announced, this week, residents can now purchase a marriage license & have their civil ceremony on the same video conference call! It's as easy as 1,2,3: 1. Make sure you're eligible. One or both of you must meet the criteria: One individual must be a resident of LA County; Both individuals must be in the same place in the State of California. Both individuals must have valid government identification; Must have a device with video/audio capabilities (desktop, laptop, tablet or phone); Must have an internet connection.  2. Book your appointment. If you meet the above criteria, call 800-201-8999 (and select option 1) to book your appointment. We will accommodate all couples on a first-come-first-serve basis. 3. Visit our website. For more information on the process, including cost, visit the Registrar-Recorder/County-Clerk's Marriage License & Civil Ceremony webpage.

Dear Class of 2020... As we approach the season of graduation ceremonies, LA County's Director of Public Health Dr. Barbara Ferrer and LA County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Debra Duardo have shared an update on in-person graduation ceremonies. Here's what you need to know: 1. The LA County Department of Public Health Officer’s Safer at Home Order prohibits all public and private gatherings. 2. The Order does not allow any exemptions for graduation gatherings of any type in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means all in-person graduation ceremonies, including use of cars for drive-in graduations (even if one student at a time), are considered public gatherings and are therefore prohibited. Virtual ceremonies are permitted and encouraged!

Pasadena Water and Power has helpful tips for reopening your business: Click here for the info:

City Guidance for Pasadena Businesses In Regards to Curbside Pick-up

As non-essential businesses identified in the revised health order prepare for a phased re-opening for curbside pick-up, the City of Pasadena is providing guidance to assist businesses re-open in a safer and orderly manner. To view the guidelines, click here. Or download the latest guidelines here: 

PDF icon Pasadena_SAFETY_PROTOCOLS_for repoening_local_businesses, May_11_2020.pdf

Prior to opening, each retailer must complete and implement a “Social Distancing Protocol” questionnaire found on pages 3 & 4 of the Health Guidance Document for Curbside Retail.  To download the document, click here.

Revised Health Order for Phased Reopening in Pasadena

The City of Pasadena Health Officer is expected to issue a revised order consistent with state/county health orders announcing that effective Friday, May 8, 2020, non-essential businesses such as bookstores, toy stores, florists, music stores, clothing stores and sporting goods stores can reopen for curbside pick-up, with adherence to distancing and infection control protocols. The health order, once released, will be posted to

The city statement said anyone can subscribe to receive these business updates related to the City of Pasadena’s response to COVID-19 by clicking here.


From LA County:

On Friday, the County of Los Angeles announced participation in the State of California’s ‘Great Plates Delivered’ initiative. With the support of the Board of Supervisors and with a partnership between the LA County Department of Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) and the Office of Emergency Management, LA County will provide three home-delivered meals a day to qualifying older adults and adults over 60 who are high-risk as determined by the CDC, while also stimulating the economy by bringing employees back to work from the restaurant, hospitality, and transportation industries.

Individual participants may apply for ‘Great Plates Delivered’ by calling 2-1-1. To be eligible for participation, individuals must meet requirements that includes age, inability to prepare or obtain meals, and are not currently receiving assistance from other state or federal nutrition assistance programs. Click here for a full list of requirements.

Restaurants interested in participating in the ‘Great Plates Delivered’ program should fill out an interest form by clicking here. Food providers will be selected based on factors that include their ability to meet volume and nutritional standards, and prioritize local jobs, worker retention, worker health and safety, and standards of equity and fairness in employment practices. The County is finalizing additional criteria which will be posted on this webpage in the days ahead.  

Additional Helpful Links


As of Saturday, May 9, 2020, Pasadena has had 11 new cases for a total of 542 identified cases of Coronavirus and 65 total fatalities. The Pasadena Publid Health Department reported that five people who attended a birthday party in April and did not practice socisl distancing were diagnosed with Coronavirus. Others who attended have been tested but results are pending. In Los Angeles County, 31, 197 cases have been reported with 1512 deaths. California has seen 2,533 new cases for a total of 66,122 with 74 new deaths for a totla of 2.684. 

Here is an article from Holland and Knight about the PPP and loan forgiveness:

The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and the Pasadena Community Foundation have proposed a fund to suport small businesses and asked the Pasadena City Council to provide seed money of $1 million. Funds from the Pasadena Small Business Releief Fund would be managed by the Pasacena Community Foundation. Grants of up to $10,000 would be provided to local small businesses to help them withstand the closures and adjusted operating protocols that resulted from the Safer at Home orders. If seeded with City of Pasadena funds, the Chamer will provide an application to any small business interested in obtaining funding through the Pasadena Small Business Relief Fund. A panel of retired bank, retail and restaurant operators will make independent decisions on each applicant. Those funded are not required to be members of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce or donors and supporters of the Pasadena Community Foundation. You can voice your support for the effort by clicking here and commenting on Agenda Item 8C on the May 11, 2020, City Council agenda. You can comment until 4pm on Monday, May 11th. 

Here in Pasadena (As of April 23, 2020) the total number of cases is 293 and the death toll to 29, according to Pasadena officials. In addition, a National Guard medical unit  has been dispatched to Brighton Care facility. LA County also announced that Coronavirus is the leading killer of county residents. On Monday, April 23, 2020, Los Angeles County reported 17,508 cases of coronavirus with 797 fatalities. The State of California has reported 37,369 cases and 1,469 deaths related to COVID-19. The majority of fatalities had underlying health conditions. On the US, there have been 905,000 reported cases with 51,219 deaths. Worldwide, there have been 1.8 million cases with 116,052 deaths. 

Los Angeles County offers free COVID-19 testing, including in Pasadena, for those exhibiting symptoms. Click here to access the info. Exer Urgent Care also does COVID-19 testing.

LATEST NEWS (as of 4-23-2020): Congress passed and the President signed another funding bill adding $350 billion to the small business assistance funding thruogh PPP. Contact your bank if you haven't already applid for a PPP loan. SBA will resume accepting PPP loan applications on Monday, April 27 at 10:30AM EDT from approved lenders on behalf of any eligible borrower. The PPP has supported more than 1.6 million small businesses and protected millions of hardworking Americans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and each territory. During its initial run, the SBA and Department of the Treasury were able to process more than 14 years’ worth of loans in less than 14 days. With the additional funds appropriated by Congress, tens of millions of additional workers across the nation will benefit from this critical relief. SBA encourages all approved lenders to process loan applications previously submitted by eligible borrowers and disburse funds expeditiously. All eligible borrowers who need these funds should work with an approved lender to apply. Borrowers should carefully review PPP regulations and guidance and the certifications required to obtain a loan. Information is found online at

I owe you all an apology. I promoted the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation grant program robustly and many tried to take advantage of the opportunity. Unfortunately, I like so many others was hobbled in my application process when the website crashed after 15 seconds. Subsequent attempts to log on and apply were more than frustrating. Ultimately, once the site came back up, the US Chamber Foundation announced it had accepted all the grants it could. Again, I am sorry if you wasted your time trying to apply for the US Chamber Foundation grant. 

Also, there are a lot of crooks, scammers, thieves and others who want to separate you from your money. No, billionaire Jack Ma is not holding $1million for you if you fill out a form with all your personal info. (I got that one this morning.) Please be careful. Make sure the information you are providing is protected. It is always best to work with people you know or agencies and entities that you can verify. (It is very easy to spoof an email address or create a fake one that looks real (like Also, make sure the name associated matches the email account. For example, the only emails I send come from If you get something with my name on it but a different email address, please do not open it.  

Be wary and be careful. 

Now - another opportunity (as with the LA County and US Chamber grant programs) you should anticipate a huge demand and (even with Facebook) connection and server challenges:
Los Angeles-area small businesses are now able to apply for Facebook's Small Business Grants Program. This initiative is part of Facebook’s pledge to offer $100M in small business grants worldwide.
To be eligible to apply, you must:

  • Be a for-profit company
  • Have between 2 and 50 employees
  • Have been in business for over a year
  • Have experienced challenges from COVID-19

Facebook is working with Ureeka, a third-party partner to select and distribute grants. Ureeka’s application will ask you to share your contact information, a brief summary about your business and how you would use the cash grant, for example to continue paying employees or help with rent costs. 
To complete the application, you’ll also need at least one of the following documents:

  • Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Partnership documents
  • Business license
  • Proof of incorporation
  • Official registration 

Don't delay! Applications are now open and will be available for two weeks. Read more program information from Facebook or begin your application.

LISC also has a grant available for small businesses. These are intended to support women -owned and minority owned small businesses. You can find the information here:

Again, these will be very competitive grants. I urge you to apply, but be prepared for long waits to connect and a very large pool of businesses applying. 

Salesforce has $10,000 grants available to for-profit small businesses. You can find informtion here:

You can find information about CalCAP for Small Business, the CA Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development Loan Loss Reserve Program here

The best opportunity is still applying for an SBA CARES Act loan through your bank. Congress is on the verge of approving additional funds for the program. If you haven't already applied, please contact your bank and start the application process.

Exer Urgent Care, an ER alternative staffed by ER doctors, performs onsite testing for COVID-19 in Pasadena at their east Del mar Boulevard location. In order to be tested, patients need a prescription.  Exer is offering patients an online evaluation from the comfort of their home via VirtualCare by Exer. VirtualCare, an extension of Exer’s patient access options, is an online urgent care service providing real-time access to a health care provider via video chat. Patients do not need an appointment, they can remotely login and will be connected to an Exer medical provider. From there, patients can be screened for COVID-19 by answering questions about risk factors and symptoms.  With new protocols in place, patients can feel safe while visiting Exer clinics. All locations have tripled disinfectant cleaning efforts, will provide masks to patients, and are adhering to self-swab practices to limit exposure of the virus. The new rigorous decontamination protocol puts patient and staff health as the top priority, in an effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The Lucy Jones Center (yes! That Lucy Jones!) has been offering twice weekly webinars in partnership with many local Chambers, including Pasadena. These are informative and provide for online Q&A. You can visit the Lucy Jones center website and sign up to take part here.

The Pasadena City College Small Business Development Center may have help and advice to assist you through the crisis:

Pacific Coast Regional SBDC can also help with information, assistance and (maybe) funding:, a business resource center, has quick links to many resources for business:
The U.S. Chamber launched its new “Path Forward” program focused on how the nation can return to work following the current crisis.  You can learn more about this initiative in the letter they sent to members.  Additionally, they will be hosting a series of webinars, which you can sign up for by clicking here. Unfortinately, the US Chamber website crashed withing 30 seconds and once it was back up and runni9ng they stopped taking applications. Very sorry to any of our memebrs who,mlike me, thought this could actually help and tried to apply. Google reese Witehrspoon dress give-away for a similar initiative... that backfired.



For non-COVID-19-related immediate medical needs, please consult with Chamber member Exer Urgent Care. Exer is keeping clinics and patients safe. Exer regularly cleans and sanitizes the waiting room; patients are directed immediately to the exam room; everyone has the option to wait in their car; all periodicals and toys have been removed from the waiting room. Exer is also offering patients an online evaluation from the comfort of their home via VirtualCare by Exer.

Exer Urgent Care, an ER alternative staffed by ER doctors, also announced onsite testing for COVID-19 is available at clinic locations across Southern California. In efforts to support patient care, Exer is offering drive-up testing at seven clinic locations including Pasadena. In Pasadena, Exer Urgent care is located at 3160 East Del Mar in Pasadena.

We have released a press release that I would love to share with the community and other members of the chamber if that is possible.

Here are links to State of California specific information:

                   A. California Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Businesses and employers page
                   B. Labor & Workforce Development Agency Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Resources for Employers and Workers

Here is a link to a report from the James beard Foundation on restaurants nationwide:

Here is information for our business community:

1. CARES Act and loan information for small businesses

2. CARES Act and other SBA emergency loan program applications and info

3. Who's open and what's being offered (that we know of)

4. Links (and more) to information that could be helpful

5. Donate to support the Pasadena Chamber effort to give Food for First Responders. Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. 100% of funds received will be used to provide food for those staffing our urgent care centers, emergency rooms and for our first responders.

6. Other needs in the community and how you can help:

                           1. Pasadena Community Foundation is collecting donations to help local people impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic with food aid and other help. If you would like to donate to assist people in the Pasadena community, click here:

                            2. Huntington Hospital is in dire need of blood donations. The need for blood is ongoing, and we now experiencing a severe blood shortage. As the only trauma center in the entire San Gabriel Valley, we rely on your generosity in order to help us keep a full supply of blood. Your support is extremely valuable as it makes a huge difference in meeting the health needs of our community.

                             In relation to the coronavirus, it is important that you are aware that blood donation is still a safe practice.  There is no evidence that this coronavirus is transmissible by blood transfusion, and there have been no reported cases of transfusion transmission for any respiratory virus, including this coronavirus. Out of an abundance of caution, please note, that if you have traveled to: *China (including Hong Kong and Macau); *South Korea; *Japan; *Italy; *Iran ;  in the last 28 days, please do not donate blood at this time.  You will be eligible to donate 28 days after your departure from any of these countries. In addition, please note that at each blood drive and our Donor Center, our employees follow thorough safety protocols, including wearing gloves, routinely wiping down donor-touched areas, using sterile collection sets for each donation, and preparing the arm for donation with an aseptic scrub.  We believe these mitigation measures will help ensure blood recipient safety, as well as staff and donor safety in reducing contact with those who may potentially have this respiratory infection. It is vital that we continue messaging to our community, the importance of blood donation from eligible, healthy donors at all times. Anyone that donates blood at Huntington Hospital from now through the end of April will receive 2 movie tickets or a $20 gift card (Target, Starbucks, In-N-Out or Amazon).     If you are currently eligible, please contact the donor center and schedule your next donation at (626) 397-5422.   We are located at 711 S. Fairmount Avenue, Pasadena 91105.  Our hours of operation are, Monday – Thursday 9:30am to 4:30pm, Friday - 7:30 to 2:30pm.  We validate your parking.

                         Donors must be 100% healthy, have a meal before donating, be well hydrated and bring a picture ID that contains your date of birth(preferably driver license). We appreciate your continued support, especially during this challenging time with the coronavirus. Please invite your family, friends and colleagues to support us. Huntington Hospital, Blood Donor Center (626) 397-5422.

                         3. The City of Hope Blood Donor Center continues to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our blood supply as well as those of other suppliers.  As the situation is evolving, there have been fewer donors due to cancelled blood drives resulting in less blood available for our patients. Over the last week we’ve experienced an even greater impact to the blood supply and there is really no substitute for donated blood.  Consequently, it has become even more important that donors like you continue to donate blood.  Individuals are not at risk of contracting COVID-19 through the blood donation process or via a blood transfusion. At this time we are only taking blood and platelet donations at City of Hope Blood Donor Center on Our Duarte Campus By Appointment Only. Visit or call 626-218-7171. Our operators will guide you through a health screening and schedule your appointment.

                        4. Non-profits throughout our communty are suffering, as well. If you can be supportive NOW, please do so. Here is where you can find information on our non-profit members:

                        5. Those wanting to donate blood through the Red Cross can click here to make an appointment.

                        6. We are very grateful for the support we have already received from community members who want to help Pasadena Highlands, our residents and staff. During this unprecedented crisis, we anticipate an increase in the shortage of medical supplies and our top priority is the safe delivery of care to our residents. We are accepting donations. If you have any of the below items or have questions about donations please reach out to me, Stephanie Walters, Executive Director by email at or by phone at 626-317-0160. To prevent anyone from unintentionally spreading germs during this time our community is closed off to visitors for the safety of our residents and staff. Donation items may be left on the table outside our main entrance. Here is what is needed: Personal Protective Equipment: N95 Masks-Surgical Masks-Procedure Masks-Paper Masks (with ties or elastic)-Isolation Gowns-Paper Protective Gowns. Cleaning Supplies: Disinfectant wipes/bleach wipes-Lysol. Activities: Unopened puzzles-Unopened individual games

7. Some fun things to do while staying Safer at Home.