Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment

Altadena Recovery Center

3025 Lincoln Ave.
Phone: (626)765-6905
Fax Number: (626)765-6617
Contact: Shirley Bennett

Intensive outpatient program committed to providing comprehensive and flexible care to individuals who suffer from addictions in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment.

This program is designed to assist adults who require structure and support to prevent relapse, learn new recovery tools, develop new routines, and establish a sober support that together, will provide the foundation for long term sobriety.

Alzheimer's Association California Southland Chapter

9606 S. Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 200
Beverly Hills
Phone: (323)486-6447
Contact: Daniela Sarmina

Art for the Heart Counseling

1000 E. Walnut St., Suite 235
Phone: (626)365-1242
Contact: Marlene Ochetti, PhD, LCSW, ATR

Assessment, Consultation & Treatment (ACT)

2700 E. Foothill Blvd., Suite 100
Phone: (626)824-0982
Fax Number: (888)717-7674
Contact: Dr. Paula Santos

Casa Treatment Center

160 N. El Molino Ave.
Phone: (626)792-2770
Fax Number: (626)792-5826
Contact: Leah Schneider

Casa de las Amigas opened its doors back in 1967, marking the establishment of the first recovery home in Pasadena specifically catering to women struggling with alcohol and chemical dependency. Each year Casa’s “House of Friends” witnesses the transformation of hundreds of women, who, like butterflies, change and grow as they develop a renewed sense of hope through recovery and embark on their own personal journey toward a new life of serenity and peace. Every woman in search of a productive and sober life will have the opportunity to achieve it. Through an integrated healing program for body and mind that takes place in a homelike environment, Casa de las Amigas helps women with alcohol or drug addiction recover by providing them with the tools necessary to lead productive, responsible and sober lives. Casa de las Amigas offers women hope by guiding them through a unique process of recovery. Women whose lives have become unmanageable due to their alcoholism and/or chemical dependencies are given a choice and a chance to change. We believe that a productive, responsible, and sober life is founded upon the necessary establishment of basic self-esteem and love combined with knowledge and understanding of the disease of addiction with support from12-step programs.

D'Veal Family and Youth Services

2750 E. Washington Blvd., Suite 230
Phone: (626)296-8900
Fax Number: (626)296-8910
Contact: John McCall

D’Veal Family and Youth Services is a leading Behavioral Healthcare provider in the greater San Gabriel Valley.  D’Veal’s primary goal is to achieve “Balanced Families, Balanced Children, and Balanced Lives” for the communities we serve.  D’Veal provides a comprehensive range of programs and services in many settings.  D’Veal provides comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and treatment for children ages 0-20.  Services are provided in the home, community, schools, and in our offices located throughout the San Gabriel Valley.

Deborah Morehead-Marriage Family Therapist & Relationship Coach

Phone: (626)831-4721
Contact: Deborah Morehead

Gooden Center

191 N. El Molino Ave.
Phone: (626)356-0078
Fax Number: (626)795-2844
Contact: David Hewlett

Welcome to The Gooden Center, an accredited men's residential treatment facility located in charming Pasadena, California. We provide affordable treatment with a mission to help alcohol and drug addicted men achieve lasting sobriety".  Our program utilizes a 12-step oriented model, focusing on emotional, social and spiritual support.  We utilize the Twelve Steps and aim to heal the spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of individuals suffering from substance abuse problems.

Grandview Foundation Inc.

1230 N. Marengo Ave.
Phone: (626)797-1124
Fax Number: (626)398-9674
Contact: Lindy Carll

Grandview Foundation’s mission is to provide residential recovery services to men, and outpatient services to men and women, 18 and over, and their families who suffer from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction.


In response to this mission, The Grandview Foundation has undertaken the steps necessary to identify the causes, provide treatment, and make available direct and supportive recovery services necessary to realistically address the needs of alcoholics and addicted persons in an environment of diminishing resources.


Addiction deteriorates individuals, and families biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. The Grandview model is designed to promote healing in those areas, and restore the quality of life so our clients may re-enter society as a contributing member, with hope for the future, and at peace with today.

Hathaway-Sycamores Child & Family Services

100 W. Walnut St., Suite 375
Phone: (626)395-7100
Fax Number: (626)395-7270
Contact: Debra K. Manners, CEO

Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services is a leader in responding to the needs of the community and in providing innovative services and programs for over 9,000 children and their families. Today more than 675 staff members provide support to children and their families in a variety of locations throughout Los Angeles County.

Hillary Wright, PhD

PO Box 251
Phone: (310)633-1295
Contact: Hillary Wright


1680 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Phone: (626)798-0884
Fax Number: (626)798-6970
Contact: Jim Stillwell

"IMPACT Treatment Center in Pasadena California offers comprehensive alcohol and substance abuse treatment for the client who is seeking recovery from addiction. Established in 1969, IMPACT offers a wide range of treatment options at the 130 bed residential facility. Supervised withdrawals, individual and group therapy, family counseling, parenting classes, anger management classes, and relapse prevention are among the programs offered while in treatment. IMPACT is a nationally accredited and fully licensed facility that accepts private insurance."

Inner Space Psychological Services

427 S. Marengo Ave., #6
Phone: (626)325-8091
Contact: Drew Carr

Live ADHD Free

678 E. Walnut St., #403
Phone: (617)686-9353
Contact: Carol Gignoux

"Live ADHD Free" Business Coaching specializes in clearing up known and undiagnosed problems with your company's -  Image -  Wealth - Sustainability - to ensure your business retains a competitive advantage. We give "business tune-ups" so you can find out what's missing or under-performing in YOUR workplace.   

Neurofeedback & Neurorehab Institute, Inc. (NNRI, Inc.)

65 N. Madison Ave., #404
Phone: (626)577-2202
Fax Number: (626)577-9358
Contact: Dr. Victoria Ibric

The Neurofeedback and NeuroRehab Institute, Inc. (NNRI, Inc) exclusively practices Biofeedback and Neurofeedback to teach individuals how to self-regulate their physiology and brainwaves, leading to a greater sense of personal control, cognitive enhancement and emotional well-being. Dr. Victoria Ibric, founder and Director of NNRI, Inc has been providing services in Pasadena since 1995.

Pacific Clinics

800 S. Santa Anita Ave.
Phone: (626)254-5000
Fax Number: (626)294-1077
Contact: Lindy Russell

Pax House Inc.

324 Wapello St.
Phone: (626)398-3897
Fax Number: (626)398-3897
Contact: Angie Gonzalez

Pedro F. Baez, LVN, MCC, CHC-Master Certified Life and Health Coach

2600 Mission St., Suite 206-1
San Marino
Phone: (800)397-8865
Contact: Pedro F. Báez

Helping you explore and gain mastery over life transitions, identity issues, creativity, professional choices, health, sex, interpersonal communication, and relationships is my passion. If you feel stuck, uninspired and stagnant, let's uncover your passion's edge! I will help you, as my client, to stay out of your own way.

Ridgeview Drive Ranch, LLC

741 W. Woodbury Rd.
Phone: (626)254-7894
Fax Number: (626)808-9755
Contact: Peter DeCicco

Rosemary Children's Services

36 S. Kinneloa Ave., Suite 100
Phone: (626)844-3033
Fax Number: (626)844-3039
Contact: Jana Trew

Since 1920, Rosemary Children's Services, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, has been committed to helping troubled and at-risk children in Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties. Our mission is to provide compassionate and therapeutic support to help children, adolescents and families heal from their pasts and move toward productive and fulfilling futures. Our services include: Residential Program, Mental Health Services, Non-public School, Foster Care and Adoption Services, and Transitional Housing.