Non-Profit Educational

Aspires West Pasadena

Phone: (626) 797-0789
Contact: Jacqueline Jacobs, PhD

Aspires West Pasadena (AWP) is a non-profit community service organization.  it is an after-school student success program, designed to help students maximize their learning potential in Mathematics and Language Arts and other key subjects.

Ideal Youth

Phone: (626) 796-7164
Fax Number: (626) 796-2960
Contact: Kardia Pinckney

Youth Summer Internship

Institute for Educational Advancement

Phone: (626) 403-8900
Fax Number: (626) 403-8905
Contact: Nicole LaChance

The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) is dedicated to the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of our nations' gifted and high-potential youth. Central to the mission of IEA is a commitment to the development of the whole child through engaging educational experiences that promote optimal challenge, mentorship, exploration of ideas, and recognition of personal potential. IEA seeks to connect like-minded individuals and supports a diverse community that creates a sense of belonging and affirmation.


Neighbors Empowering Youth (NEY)

Phone: (626) 791-2095
Fax Number: (626) 791-2094
Contact: John Smith

Our Mission We believe... “A child without a computer is like a school without pencils.” The mission of Neighbors Empowering Youth is to eliminate the “digital divide” by providing innovative hi-tech tools and STEAM-based workshop to youths and young adults who will become productive members of society. We are committed to offering collaborative, participant-focused, project-based programs that support learning activity that boosts core academic skills. We strive to provide after-school programs that will substantially enhance academic performance and promote social skill development, workforce expansion, educational programs, networking, and business development. Neighbors Empowering Youth wishes to be there when you need information on subjects that can help your family or community. We teach low income and at-risk youth the skills necessary to find jobs in the fast-growing Information Technology (IT) and Technology fields to build the confidence and relationships they need to move forward with their education and careers. Our after-school programs have the ability to excite children about learning, spark their curiosity and connect school-day lessons to their everyday lives. 

Westmoreland Academy/Institute for the Redesign of Learning

Phone: (626) 356-1500
Fax Number: (626) 356-1501
Contact: Ardail Henry, Ed.D.

The institute for the Redesign of Learning/Westmoreland Academy's mission is to empower individuals with special needs to take charge of their own learning and become competent, caring, and contributing members of society. Westmoreland Academy offers a unique specialty program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) based on the belief that extraordinary students require and extraordinary program. the Institute's goal is to provide the most current, effective, and nurturing education and supportive services available anywhere for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders, and their fmailies, to enable students with ASD to lead happy and productive lives.