Non-Profit Service Providers


Phone: (626) 564-0191
Fax Number: (626) 564-8521
Contact: Samuel Anuakpado

Avanti, a program of Lutheran Social Services, is a volunteer services/social integration program for developmentally and intellectually challenged adults. We offer free e-waste pickup through out the community and an on-site e-waste drop off center which is open 5 days a week from 9:30am-3:00. Our program also offers fluff and fold services, light house work and shopping, yard and park clean up, visitation to convalescent homes, hospitals and to seniors, the disabled and shut-ins. The volunteers also provide services for non profit organizations and churches such as mailings, handing out flyer's, event promotions, clean up on-site or at events and minor catering.

Pasadena Community Foundation

Phone: (626) 796-2097
Contact: Jennifer DeVoll

The Pasadena Community Foundation improves and enriches the lives of people in the greater Pasadena area through commitments to:

Provide grants and services to strengthen community-based organizations

Promote and participate in community partnerships

Enable donors to meet their philanthropic goals

Serve as leader and catalyst to build charitable funds emphasizing permanent endowments to fund grants to local organizations

Rosewood Revitalization Group

Phone: (626) 221-4043
Contact: Michael M. Mendoza

We develop and implement community-based projects and services, especially for low to moderate income populations throughout Los Angeles County

Salvation Army-Pasadena Corps

Phone: (626) 773-4414
Fax Number: (626) 773-4459
Contact: Captain Terry Masango