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Allegra Consulting Inc.

Phone: (626) 405-4848
Contact: Suzanne Madison

Since 1997, Allegra is a full service integrated marketing and graphic design firm that works to create a buzz around your organization and generate invaluable return on your hard earned investment.   We are experts in the following: Communications, Marketing, Community Outreach, and Public Engagement, Branding and Key Message Development, Graphic and Website Design, and Social Media Marketing.   

ATK Technologies, Inc.

Phone: (858) 281-3777
Contact: Wei Fan

Alpha Token Foundation is the leading innovator, supporter, and preserver of digital democracy. Our mission is to build and foster a decentralized socio-economic ecosystem that provides people with an alternative choice of value to the centralized internet and socio-economic order.

We are building the next generation, a decentralized content economy that ecosystem that gives users complete control over their digital assets and digital footprint with fair and inclusive participation.

We are actively looking for partners, contributors and donors to help build and contribute to the three facets that make up the backbone of the decentralized internet: decentralized data storage, decentralized data transmission, and decentralized computation.

We will support content creators, consumers, and organizations of any kind that wish to participate in our open society. We welcome all decentralization believers, developers, and contributors to participate in and contribute to the endeavor of implementing the decentralized consensus, in order to build a genuine democracy in the digital society.


Phone: (310) 728-5597
Contact: Ven Piccolo

Shopping platforms and delivery

Final Touch Media

Phone: (626) 264-9121
Contact: Kyle Minton

Final Touch Media is a one-stop-shop for all of your business branding needs. For us, brand development includes digital advertising, lead generation (new customers), social media marketing, ranking on search engines, content marketing, email marketing, video production, and innovative design that includes websites, logos, business cards, and other digital/print marketing. Some of the major benefits of using a one-stop-shop like us includes your branding and message are streamlined across all platforms, you see a much quicker turnaround on your projects, and we're able to save you money.

Final Touch Media was started with the dream of helping businesses of all sizes to flourish. We have been blessed with opportunities to obtain clients from all over the world that include Fortune 500 companies, startups, artists, musicians, and small, established businesses. We are excited to be a part of the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce and we would love to have a conversation to learn about your business needs and how we can develop your brand, drive sales, and create something awesome. We’re looking forward to it!

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Phone: (626) 639-6695
Fax Number: (626) 639-6649
Contact: Helen Mathis

Accounting, Financial Planning, ITINs (Individual Tax Identification Number), SEO Marketing, Staff Services, Vehicle Registration

We serve all 50 states: Back taxes, individual, partnerships, corporations, tax preparations, business formation, offer-in-compromise


Phone: (626) 689-5611
Contact: Hailing Yu

Huntington Marketing & Association Management

Phone: (626) 292-1400
Contact: Patricia Rosengren

Huntington Marketing & Association Management is a full-service management firm focusing on the administrative and marketing needs of nonprofit associations.  We provide executive leadership, deliver board member training, run board retreats, produce events and fundraisers, handle all financial matters, plan retention and new member campaigns, design and carry out all digital communications and update websites.  With social media, accounting, database management, writing, web and graphic design talents on staff, associations save money with this full service firm.

J. Robin & Associates Graphic Design

Phone: (626) 794-2674
Fax Number: (626) 389-5464
Contact: Jerry Robin

J. Robin & Associates has been producing high-quality print media graphic design since 1988. Fast turn-around, boundless flexibility, and strong, exacting production skills continue to garner praise from clients and printers alike. A highly refined command of English (grammar, spelling, punctuation, proofreading, copy fitting and writing) has always served as a plus to the design side. Design categories include Newsletters, Brochures, special event programs/tribute journals, Flyers, Annual Reports and Directories, Soft-bound and hard-bound books.

Modern Muse Company, The

Phone: (323) 839-2870
Contact: Brigette Young

MMCO is a full-service marketing agency, which means we can do just about ANYTHING in the realm of marketing. We work hard to create fully customized plans for each of our clients, ensuring that their needs are met each and every time. We specialize in brand partnerships and event marketing, and also offer digital/social marketing, advertising, media buying, PR and influencer campaigns and much more.

My Jurny

Phone: (800) 758-9539
Contact: Rona Stevens is a software development company with a traveler club app, tools for online ordering, event management.  We have software to help your business grow. Customizing is welcome.

Networking Bizz Digital LLC

Phone: (213) 792-4577
Contact: Luis R. De Luna

We are the #1 full-service digital marketing & search engine optimization firm that produces actionable & real results. Our goal is to strategically leverage your company so you can target "the perfect customer" that is likely to buy your product/service.


We develop digital marketing funnels for our partners and generate more leads with our awesome services: Website Design, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Reputation Management, Google Advertising, Lead Acquisition Strategies, Marketing Data Solutions, Online Review Management (ORM), and many more. Let's talk about what we can do together to take your business to the next level! 

New York Life-Stephanie Yamashiro

Phone: (310) 933-2687
Contact: Stephanie Yamashiro

We help businesses target and penetrate the most affluent buyers in the marketplace by partnering with residents of upscale neighborhoods to provide them with their own exclusive, high-end monthly magazine. We bring neighbors and businesses together with a positive, relevant and family-friendly monthly magazine that is customized to meet the needs of North Arroyo Neighbors. Our magazine is created for, by and about the families it serves, with rich content and direct contributions from the community.

Pegasus Communications LLC

Phone: (323) 207-6397
Contact: Frank Girardot

Sanchez Media LLC

Phone: (818) 588-5173
Contact: Alan Sanchez

Sanchez Media is a full-service creative studio, based in Pasadena, California. we are committed to innovative ideation and storytelling. we work with nonprofits, political organizations and major editorial and retail brands to produce stores that engage audiences across social media.

SEO Firepower

Phone: (626) 720-4812
Contact: Devin Schumacher

Thomas Jesse Goff

Phone: (213) 880-1116
Contact: Thomas Jesse Goff

Message training and national financial-media placement for start-up brands and founders. (Former op-ed editor at L.A. Times and investigate reporter at Fortune. Internatonal media relations chief of Lockheed and ARCO.)