Fitness, Personal Training Services, Martial Arts & Yoga

261 Fearless Club Los Angeles

Phone: (562) 458-9472
Contact: Patricia Winiecki

261 Fearless Club Los Angeles was launched at the Pasadena Senior Center in January 2020 to empower senior women to become and stay active.

This fearless and successful beginning has enabled and inspired us to reach out to women of all ages and all abilities, 18 years and up.

Our weekly, one-hour activity programs are guided by Certified 261 Coaches and supported by welcoming and experienced members.

Our meetings are from 2–3 pm every Tuesday. Our meeting location varies, including the Pasadena Senior Center, Pasadena City points of interest, Pasadena parks, and the Pasadena Rose Bowl, Arroyo and trails. Locations are posted on Strava at 261 Fearless Club Los Angeles Meeting Locations or please feel free to email Coach Pat at

Our mission is to engage and support women of all backgrounds and abilities to get active and stay healthy. We provide education and a welcoming, safe space for women to learn, move and have fun. We are non-judgmental, non-competitive and nonperformance-based. We encourage the social running, rather than speed or distance. We teach good technique and provide cutting-edge information on women’s health. We welcome walkers and runners.

261 Fearless Los Angeles is a local, nonprofit organization and is part of the 261 Fearless, Inc. global network. We invite and encourage women interested in becoming coaches or learning to establish their own clubs to visit

Those interested in supporting our efforts for women’s health may donate at We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Please feel free to contact Coach Pat at Be Fearless. Be Free. Be Grateful. Run with 261

Angrum Personal Training & Senior Services

Phone: (626) 372-2205
Fax: (626) 797-4465
Contact: Matthew Angrum

Strength Training

Barry's Pasadena

Phone: (626) 314-1877
Contact: Amy Chihara

Barry’s is the Best Workout in the WorldTM®. Founded in West Hollywood in 1998, it’s the original strength and cardio interval fitness experience that provides an immersive, high-intensity, one-hour workout that’s as effective as it is fun. Our fitness classes alternate between working out with weights and running on a treadmill. Each day focuses on a different muscle group in order to achieve real results and to prevent injuries. Our program is designed to tone muscle and maximize fat loss, while spiking the metabolism for up to 48 hours following the class. 


Become The Goal LLC

Phone: (661) 236-8462
Contact: Gerardo Montiel

At become The Goal, we're on a mission to transform lives through personalized fitness coaching and sustainable lifestyle changes. Unlike traditional personal training services, we don't just focus on achieving short-term goals, we're here to guide our clients on a journey towards lifelong health and wellness. Our approach is rooted in habit-focused coaching, empowering individuals to make small, manageable changes that lead to lasting results. From debunking weight loss myths to providing practical nutrition advice and mindset strategies, we're committed to helping our clients become the best version of themselves. Whether you're looking to lose weight, build strength, or improve your overall well-being, Become The Goal is here to support you every step of the way.


Commando Combatives and Calculus

Phone: (323) 861-2625
Contact: Henry Nguyen

Self-Defense Instruction and Tutoring

Dance Street Studio

Phone: (626) 791-7746
Contact: Nikolay Voronovich

Cozy neighborhood dance studio available for all levels, from beginners to professionals. Group and Private lessons, Wedding Dance, and Event Space. Escape the daily routine! Discover your hidden talents! Dive into your passion!

Elements Dance Space

Phone: (626) 817-9988
Contact: Tu DeVera

EDS is a 10,000 square foot facility that offers dance and fitness classes for youth to adults, from beginners to professionals, as well as intensives, workshops, company rehearsal residencies, private lessons, event space rentals, and more. EDS offers 5 rooms, all with new floors, and ample parking.

Harvey Slater Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Phone: (323) 527-7430
Contact: Harvey Slater

Transforming lives through healthier habits, we empower you to achieve your best health with nutrition and lifestyle. We'll show you how to stop dieting and start thriving! We specialize in: Holistic Nutrition Consulting Clinical Nutrition Consulting Weight Loss-Management Meal Planning Health Coaching Body Composition Analysis HealthSnap Lifestyle Evaluations

Open for in person appointments during COVID-19. Face mask is required, sanitizer is provided on site and consultation room is disinfected in between client appointments. Appointments are one-on-one. Clients are asked not to make an in person appointment if they are feeling any symptoms of COVID-19. We may take client’s temperature and do a symptom screening before admitting client to the consultation room. 

Tele-health sessions are also available for any client who feels more comfortable doing a remote session. 

Healing Wave, Life's Frequency (PEMF Therapy)

Phone: (626) 482-2882
Contact: Marv Kreider

KULE Yoga & Ayurveda

Phone: (626) 714-7900
Contact: Keely Totten

KULE Yoga & Ayurveda is a specialty studio offering traditional yoga and consultations in Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic medicinal systems in the world. We offer group classes, specialized class series, private sessions, and community events. If you’re looking to de-stress and tap into a whole new level of well-being, begin your yoga practice now at KULE.

Pilates of Pasadena

Phone: (626) 765-6500
Contact: Maria Jimenez

All Instructors at P/oP are Certified from the most respected Pilates institutions in the country. We are a contemporary yet traditional Pilates Studio as well as offer Physical Therapy.

P/oP is equipped with a variety of Pilates apparatus', cardio equipment and a number of accessories to give the client a unique experience every time.

All of our classes are very personalized to meet each individual's goals whether it's to increase flexibility, cross-train or work through injuries ( most commonly back pain ).

P/oP offers privates, duets ( limited to 2 ), or group classes ( maximum 4 people ).

Pilates of Pasadena was voted BEST Pilates Studio in this year's Pasadena Weekly Best Of issue.

Red Dragon Karate

Phone: (626) 684-0368
Contact: William Anderson

Red Dragon Karate is an American Original established in 1965 that provides training for kids, teens, and adults. You will find a number of fun-filled classes including:

Kids martial arts classes

Teens martial arts classes

Adult martial arts classes

Red Dragon Karate mixes a great blend of fitness, discipline, and self defense into their lessons, which make this the perfect activity for all ages.

Keeping fit and having a regular stress-relieving endeavour are critical these days. Being able to combine that, with learning valuable skills that can save your life, makes martial arts classes a necessity. Many students and instructors say that they can go into their martial arts lesson feeling one way, but they always leave feeling full of energy and happy. Because they had ‘FUN’ during their class.

Come and try Red Dragon Karate classes in Pasadena for yourself. See our special website offers, and find out why millions around the world enjoy martial arts.

Straight Blast Gym SoCal

Phone: (626) 683-9978
Contact: Marco Sanchez II

SBG SoCal is a premier martial arts academy in Pasadena, CA. We specialize in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, self-defense, fitness, yoga and more. There is nothing typical about our gym as we are 100% dedicated to customer service while maintaining a high standard of conduct from our instructors! We provide a welcoming and energetic environment with clear, detail-oriented classes for students and families alike.  

Strengthflex Athletics

Phone: (626) 437-0358
Contact: Valentina Atanasova

Strengthflex Gymnastics provides developmentally appropriate gym activities to enhance each child’s growth. Our Early Age Gymnastics Program is for children from ages 6 months through 6 years olds. Our Recreational Gymnastics Program is for ages from 6 through 16+ years olds. Our Competitive Team Gymnastics Program is for ages 5 through 12+ years olds. Weekends only- classes specially design for dancers, cheer, athletes  who desire to increase flexibility and take their acro/tumbling to the next level.