From the New York Times: Workplace Wellness Programs Have…

An Oxford researcher measured the effect of popular workplace mental health interventions, and discovered little to none.

Workplace wellness offerings such as apps, coaching and courses in time management or financial well-being did not have any positive effect, according to the study, while resilience and stress management trainings seemed to have a negative effect.Credit...Jason Henry for The New York Times

Today we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr…

Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. was a visionary, a fearless leader and someone whose personal involvement changed the course of our history.

These are the words of his most famous speech, still relevant today: 

Economic Update for January 8, 2023-Happy New Year!…

Jobs and Unemployment (from the New York Times): U.S. Added 216,000 Jobs in December, Outpacing Forecasts-Hiring has throttled back from 2021 and 2022, but last year’s growth was still impressive by longer-term standards.

The U.S. labor market ended 2023 with a bang, gaining more jobs than experts had expected and buoying hopes that the economy can settle into a solid, sustainable level of growth rather than fall into a recession.

A Look at New California Labor and Employment Laws for 2024

The California Legislature has enacted several new laws that will impact the workplace in 2024.  In addition to changes among various state labor and employment laws, the minimum wage will increase.

This alert provides a brief summary of select employment laws that go into effect on Jan. 1, 2024, unless stated otherwise.

Pasadena Chamber Holiday Party at the Romanesque Room was…

Video file


Economic Update for December, 2023-End of Year Thoughts,…

It has been a very interesting and confusing year. We were told to expect a recession, but it seems we spent ourselves out of it. Prices rose, and fell, and rose and fell. Interest rates climbed, then settled out and seem to be falling again now. AND consumers keep spending. 

New California Laws Take Effect in 2024


From the LA Times: Smart and Dumb Devices: A List of…

ON TECHNOLOGY AND THE INTERNET-Readers’ gripes include Ring doorbell cameras, self-checkout kiosks and digital billboards.

Well, goodbye to all that .

Now that 2023 is drawing to a close, and it’s time that we begin to look to the new year, why don’t we spend a minute clearing our closets and minds of all the tech we don’t need? The better to start fresh, and to steel ourselves for the AI-drenched year ahead .

The Ice House for New Year's Eve and MORE! It's…

Here is what's happening ant everyone's favorite comedy club, THE ICE HOUSE:


Sunday, Dec. 31st:

Pasadena a Featured Destination in Vogue (REALLY!)

Pasadena was is the subject of an Insiders Guide in Vogue. 

Several Pasadena Chamber members are mentioned. 

Read why Santa Anita Park, Vroman's Bookstore, Arroyo Chop House, Agnes Restaurant and Cheesery, Bone Kettle, Pie 'n Burger and so many others are worth a visit (or repeat visits). 

Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden Needs Your Help to…

The owners of the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in Pasadena are reaching out to friends and supporters and asking them to contribute to the Garden’s preservation and maintenance.